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We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love. Lori Deschene  (via friendly-neighborhood-crystal)

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Two people don’t fall in love because they sleep in the same bed, but because they share the same dreams. Mark Amend (via psych-facts)
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The world is smaller than you think, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think. Follow for daily teen quotes (via theteenagerquotes)
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I just thought to myself, all of a sudden, that we had something in common. A natural chemistry, if you will. And I feel something big was going to happen. To both of us. That we were, in fact, meant to be together. Follow for daily teen quotes (via theteenagerquotes)
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myaveragelifevl asked: How can I know if someone is interested in me??


Everyone expresses their interests differently, however you can look for the following signs: 

1. They stand closer to you or they keep a smaller distance when they’re around you. It shows that they are comfortable with you and want to get physically intimate. 

2. They are more likely to face you when talking to you as opposed to standing sideways or away from you. However, if they are shy, then maybe this point won’t apply so much. Instead, they will periodically take glimpses at you when you’re not looking. 

3. They’d try to get your attention for trivial things such as calling you about what homework they have or when the homework is due. 

4. They smile more frequently because of you. Even if they don’t show it while around you because they don’t want you to find out they like you, they will smile when they think of you. 

5. Their behavior can be passive aggressive. They may appear to show interest in you one day and not the other. Sometimes, this leaves you wondering if you pissed them off without realizing. When someone likes you, little things you do can hurt them, because they have taken a bigger notice to you.

6. They prioritize their activities with you. They may cancel plans just so they can meet up with you or assist you with something. 

7. Their friends know about you. They have probably at some point confess to at least one friend their feelings about you.  

8. They want to find out more about you to see if you’re single or available or/and if you’re compatible. 

9. They will care about you if you are upset and they will often try to do something for you. Remember, people may not always tell you how they feel, but they will always show you. You just have to pay attention. 

10. Last but not least, the most obvious sign is they confess to you. They tell you they like you or they make it so obvious that they like you in that way. If they are shy, they might use hints waiting for you to initiate. But if they are bold and direct, they’d make it pretty obvious. 

The more of these signs someone shows towards you, the higher the chance they are interested in you. However, 1 or 2 of these signs alone may mean nothing at all. Furthermore, each person is different and this may not apply to all types of personalities, but this does relate to most. You can add more tell-tale signs below. 

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Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are. John Green (via psych-facts)
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